DAYA MEMORIAL by Jim Brashear

As the quarantine became the lockdown and millions of people
around the world stayed inside for a growing and unknown length
of time, I started to hear from friends and on news and social
media about the dissolution of a daily schedule. So many voices
spoke of something being lost in this common experience, some way
of living that would be irrevocably changed after recovering, if
we ever even could. Shut up inside, the question of what difference
it made when you woke up or ate food or did your work could be
sheepishly answered: none? You could lose your circadian rhythms
and sleep through the day and eat a meal at 3AM. You could lose
your former relationship to what bound you to a schedule and other
people and even the planet: the day itself. As we wait for that
time to finish, the ineffable, ephemeral, and emotional tones of
isolation and dissociation from the diurnal grow louder.

This video shows an excerpt of a much longer piece not yet realized,
a continuous 24-hour cycle that will show the different permutations
of figures, colors, and sounds as they change over the course of a
day. Though the current installation is made of dollhouse furniture,
the future is life-sized.